NEW vision for art education!

We provide classes for adult & children from age 4 years old and above to learn art & craft in 2D (drawing work) and 3D (sculpturing work) way of learning.

Many toys are developed for imaginary play, but not many let children dream up and create something entirely new. Clay stimulates curiosity, motivates them to problem-solve as they work on their project, and ultimately leads them to craft unique three-dimensional art.

Play dough/clay has immense potential for learning. Not only does it strengthen fingers in preparation for a lifetime of writing, it teaches fine motor skills, creativity and hand-eye coordination.

Every child needs experiences that match his or her developmental level, and a simple piece of soft clay is a perfect match if the child is ready.🥰

Our Products

For each pack you order you get:

  1. Unbreakable Transparent Container (Clayci’s Uniqueness!)
  2. Rubber Clay with 6 Primary Colours-
  3. Step-by-step Instructions